508XT Cross Tech

508XT is Sercel’s new cross-technology (X-Tech) powered land seismic acquisition system, driving productivity, data quality and adaptability to a new level. With a 1 million channel real-time recording capability 508XT offers unparalleled image resolution. The 508XT platform also introduces QuietSeis® , a new, high performance digital sensor based on next generation MEMS, allowing seismic signals to be recorded with instrument noise levels three times lower than before. The 508XT’s new X-Tech architecture is composed of XT-nodes that can consist of as few as 1 or up to as many as 100 or more analog or digital channels connected to a CX-508 concentrator. This new X-Tech architecture combines the best of cabled and wireless system technologies by allowing segments to be run autonomously with local storage and system QC or connected to the spread with full real-time data transmission to the central recorder. With a reduced weight and up to 100 times less batteries than competing systems, 508XT increases productivity and significantly reduces acquisition costs.  508XT Brochure 

508XT Quietseis DSU

QuietSeis® is the new high-performance digital sensor based on next-generation MEMS. With a noise floor as low as 15ng/√Hz and below the ambient noise in any part of the world, it can record seismic signals three times lower than the previous generation. This broadband sensor offers a linear & flat amplitude and phase response over a large bandwidth (from DC to 800Hz), superior to any other type of sensor. It is fully calibrated with respect to gravity and insensitive to external perturbations. Its distortion (-90dB) is about 30dB less than single geophone based sensors. DSU Specs

eUnite eX-3

Sercel eUnite is a unique cable-free system, pushes back current acquisition limits to offer the best flexibility in the most challenging environments. With the most advanced technology and full compatibility with Sercel’s entire product range, Unite is without a doubt the most advanced cable-free system. Whether for data storage or real-time data transfer, using analog or digital sensors, its wireless QC and data harvesting capabilities offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and quality control. Thanks to an expanded internal battery, UNITE offers two weeks of operating autonomy. This new feature enables the system to be easily buried, simplifies field operations and reduces risks of theft or loss. In addition, its new management software increases the system’s wireless data harvesting rate by 50%, thereby improving operational efficiency and the continuous follow-up of operations. Available as 1-C (RAU eX) or 3-C (RAU eX-3) sensor versions, UNITE meets any type of geological or survey constraints. eUnite Brochure

SG-5 High Sensitivity 5hz Geophone

The SG-5 is a new geophone featuring a high-sensitivity and a low natural frequency. This new sensor offers comparable output sensitivity to an array of geophones while providing lower frequency recording capabilities down to 5Hz. Especially designed for single sensor application, SG-5 is particularly adapted for microseismic operations in combination with UNITE but also fully compatible with existing Sercel 428XL cable system. SG-5 Brochure

Sercel 428XL

The Sercel 428XL is the most popular seismic acquisition system benefiting from a very long and vast field experience with more than 5.000.000 channels delivered, 428XL is the reference acquisition system of the industry. Owners of the 428XL will accrue this benefit in the form of a five-year warranty on 428XL Line electronics, the longest in the industry. In case there should ever be a problem with field electronics, Sercel has revamped its customer service to replace covered equipment with a standard exchange instead of repairing any individual piece of equipment. Our customers will have more of their equipment working for them a greater percentage of the time than owners of any other systems. 428XL Brochure

Nomad 65 Neo

The Nomad 65 Neo is the new Sercel 62,000 lbf broadband vibrator, capable of delivering stronger low frequency content with full drive achieved from 5.4Hz. This enhanced performance is made possible using the latest innovations in shaker and hydraulic circuitry design. Another newly developed feature is the IPM (Intelligent Power Management) option. By optimizing engine efficiency, IPM will reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.*